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Overview of eHUB for Pc:

eHUB for Pc is a self-service for employees and supervisors in contract building service and security industries. They are mostly customer-based as they are very particular about providing employees and supervisors with access to the most pressing information they need at the moment. The app has many features and functions in such a way that it enables the workforce to manage jobs, employees, and personal information.

 eHUB for Pc

Users are presented with articles that require immediate attention, such as Open job tickets, Open schedules, Customer inquiries, or supply orders, on the Main landing page, example. They built the Main Landing page so that a person may see all of the information they need at a look.

 eHUB for Pc

There’s also the Jobs Landing page, which displays all of the information linked to the selected work, making task administration more efficient than usual. Timekeeping, contact and location, and operations are some of the details.

The Employee Landing page is for managing the information of the employee with major notable info like Contact Info, Paychecks, Schedules, and Time Keeping Records. Then the Time and Attendance tracks hours by jobs, and tracks employee arrivals and departures.

 eHUB for Pc

Features of eHUB for Pc:

  • Manage your jobs, your employees, and your personal information.
  • Viewing electronic bills, employment details, and schedules are examples of customer self-
  • service tools.
  • The app is free.
  • The ability to check pay stubs, perks, and work information as well as accept open shift offers.
  • Customers can check rosters, time and attendance information, and outcomes.
  • Billable work tickets are created.
  • Updates to Contact Information
  • Viewing electronic invoices is possible.
  • Capability to conduct excellent inspections and surveys
  • Capability to monitor job initiatives and their success or failure.
  • The ability to view attendance data in real-time.

Why should you download the Ehub app?

It’s simple to use. That’s where everything comes together and explains why the user interface is so simple to use. The eHub app makes it simple to obtain any information you require from the web with little or no difficulty. These include everything from work tickets and timekeeping for employees to billing information for customers.

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