Goodnotes 6 for PC Latest Version 2024 Free Download

Overview Of Goodnotes 6 for PC

Goodnotes 6 for PC Latest Version Nowadays, taking notes is a common practise that has evolved to meet the demand for it. This new programme combines other note-takers with a PDF tool. It is convenient and simple to use on Mac and iOS. The most recent and advanced version of Goodnotes, version 5, allows users to import and export images, drag and drop, and work with PDF files.

Goodnotes 6 for PC Latest Version

Note-taking was categorised into Categories in previous iterations of the programme, which functioned as a single flat folder structure. Goodnotes 6 for PC Latest Version But GoodNotes 5 allows you to mix limitless levels of nested folders.You may now make notes in Goodnote 5 by utilising the many themes and designs that are available, and you can convert text and notes to PDF formats.

Goodnotes 6 for PC Latest Version

While developing Goodnotes 6 for PC Latest Version, the developers made every effort to completely rethink the user interface. In addition to covering  of the previous edition and other features, they also produced an enhanced, exceptional, and remarkable tool in the note-taking space. you can also download Epic Seven for Pc

Goodnotes 6 for PC Latest Version

Uses Of Goodnotes 6 for PC

  1. This tool can be used by anyone, even children who are three years of age and older. For children or anyone who enjoys drawing and turning their ideas into something significant, this is the ideal tool.
  2. It has an improved user interface, pages, and content, which makes the application easier to use and browse.
  3. You can write with an Apple Pencil or stylus pen, or you can use your keyboard to take notes. Additionally, the programme can scan a user’s handwriting and turn it into text. When I arrive, I will go into further detail about the limitations in the benefits and drawbacks.
  4. Furthermore, if you use the programme, it can convert your hand-drawn drawings into geometrically flawless shapes.
  5. With the ability to select editable PDFs in the export choices, editing has become simpler.

characteristics Of Goodnotes 6 for PC

  • Unlike the previous version, show documents in your library as a list.
  • It is now feasible to add bookmarking to a page. Additionally, bookmarks may appear in the favourites section.
  • Additionally, you can use a single tap to return to the precise location you were.
    The tool’s most recent version includes a simpler document category and search.
  • In Goodnotes 4, the idea of categories was superseded with an infinite number of nested folders and subfolders, enabling you as the user to arrange the papers anyway you see fit based on their individual details and programmes.
    You can now search for your notes in all of your documents and folders with this brand-new feature.
  • The search scan yields results from titles, written notes, PDF files, typed notes, and handwritten notes, much like for searches in the document section.
  • Now that the open folder area allows blank new documents to be created, you can jump right into composing that fresh idea of yours.
  • Writing experience that is flawless, accurate, and entirely organic
  • Choose and alter the pen’s style, colour, thickness, and pressure sensitivity.
  • Use other capacitive styluses, such as the Logitech Crayon or Apple Pencil, to write.
  • Transform penmanship into text on the same page or distribute it to other applications.
  • Look up text in PDF files, handwritten notes, typed text, document outlines, folder names, and document titles.
  • Make an infinite number of folders and subfolders
  • Make unique outlines to make navigating through papers easier.
  • Sync all notes across all devices and back them up to iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.
  • Add annotations to documents, lecture slides, and PDFs
  • Import Word, PowerPoint, PDF, pictures, and more
  • Use the iPad’s customised pens, highlighters, stickers, and shape tools to annotate pages directly.

How to install the Goodnotes 6 app on a Windows 11 computer

Check here to see if the download  Goodnotes 6 Windows software is native before downloading it for Windows 11. If not, take the actions listed below

Get the Amazon Appstore here

  • Press “Get” to start the installation process. Additionally, Windows Subsystem for Android is installed automatically.
  • After installation, select the Applications list or Windows Start Menu. Launch the Amazon App store. Log in using your Amazon account.

Get the Amazon App store here

  • Press “Get” to start the installation process. Additionally, Windows Subsystem for Android is installed automatically.
  • After installation, select the Applications list or Windows Start Menu. Launch the Amazon App store. Log in using your Amazon account.

Download the OpenPC software if you’re not a US user

  • After installation, launch the OpenPC software and select Configure_Download from Play store on PC. The Google Play Store will automatically download to your Windows 11 device.

Setting Up Goodnotes 6

  • Go onto the PlayStore or Amazon AppStore on your PC and log in.
  • Look up “Goodnotes 6” online. “Install” will launch Goodnotes 6.
  • You may now access Goodnotes 6 from the Windows start menu.

Minimum specifications Suggested

  • RAM of 8 GB
  • Solid State Drives
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 3000, Intel Core i3
  • Platform: ARM64 or x64
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • HDD Commodities


  1. Search is now much simpler.
  2. Sort documents into short overviews.
  3. Sharing is now just a click away.
  4. Confidentiality and safety assured
  5. Extra Designs and Templates
  6. Converts handwritten text to a full text and detects the same
  7. Storage: Saved data can now be stored in Goodnotes.
  8. Printing on the Goodnote 5 has gotten much easier.
  9. You can switch to the new app.
  10. Synchronisation with additional gadgets


  1. Only those who purchased GoodNotes 4 in full are eligible for a free upgrade to GoodNotes 5.
  2. You just need to pay the price difference between the two apps to get GoodNotes 5 if you had purchased GoodNotes 4 at a cheaper cost.
  3. GoodNotes 5 is incompatible with the current version of GoodNotes for Mac.

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