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Overview of Kakao Talk for Windows

KakaoTalk for PC Looking for a simple method to connect to the rest of the world from the comfort of your own home? KakaoTalk has got your back. It’s one of the greatest, most user-friendly communication programs for Android, iOS, and desktop users, keeping you connected to everything and everyone on the planet.

It’s a free communication tool with features such as instant messaging, free audio and video chats, location sharing, and much more. Kakaotalk is an excellent social networking application.

To contact someone, you can use this app to search for their name, email address, or phone number. If you have a friend who uses the kakaotalk app, it’s worth a look. Even with a subscription edition, you won’t be able to reach out to unregistered landlines or mobile phones using this app.

KakaoTalk for Pc

In Korea, the kakaotalk app is more popular, with over 150 million users. The kakaotalk app makes it easy to find people by utilizing their name, phone number, and email address. Indeed, persons may be found so readily on this software that it poses a few security concerns.

How to Make Use of Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk is simple to use and functions similarly to other chat apps.

on begin using this software, you must first download kakaotalk from an Android or iOS store on a mobile device or PC. Kakao Talk may be found in all major app stores. All you have to do is type “kakaotalk” and follow the prompts.

After you’ve finished downloading kakaotalk, join up by entering your phone number. Whether it’s a foreign or a Korean phone number. Following that, you’ll be given a four-digit verification code. After you’ve been validated, you can set up your kakaotalk profile by following the steps.

KakaoTalk for Pc

What is the significance of KakaoTalk?

In comparison to other communication apps, kakaotalk makes communication simple and straightforward to use. If you want to start a chat room with your pals, kakaotalk makes it simple.

The number of friends you can have in a chat room with kakaotalk is limitless, and you can add as many friends as you like at any time. If all of your friends are kakao users, the session will be free for everyone.It also facilitates shopping via its fourth tab, kakao shopping.

Other app features include:

Kakaotalk has several more features, some of them are as follows:

  • Emoticons: When words fail you, kakaotalk provides great emojis to help you express yourself fully.
  • ontact management: kakaotalk integrates your contact list and automatically adds online pals to your chat session.
  • Kakaotalk also allows you to register your favourite pals and check their mini-profiles.
  • Graphics and audio elements: kakaotalk provides incredible speech filters that may be applied to your voice during a voice call.
  • Sharing: You can share videos, links, photos, emails, voice messages, contact information, and much more with your pals using kakaotalk.

KakaoTalk for Pc

KakaoTalk for Pc to be downloaded and installed on your PC.

Alternatively, use the PC tutorial below:

Choose a Windows version:

  1. Windows 7 through 10
  2. Microsoft Windows 11

install the KakaoTalk for Pc app in four simple steps on your Windows 10, 8, 7, or Mac:

Install an Android emulator on your PC or Mac:

Download Bluestacks or the Nox App >>. We recommend Bluestacks because if you run into problems while using it, you can simply discover solutions online.

Install the emulator on your PC or Mac as follows:

Navigate to the Downloads folder on your computer » Bluestacks.exe or Nox.exe installation « Accept the Licence Terms « To finish the installation, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Using KakaoTalk for Pc on a Computer

  • Open the Emulator app you installed and type “KakaoTalk” into the search field.
  • The KakaoTalk app icon will be revealed by the search. Click “Install” after opening the file.
  • Once KakaoTalk has been downloaded, locate/click the “All apps” icon to reach a screen that lists all of your installed applications, including KakaoTalk.
  • Now you may use KakaoTalk on your PC.

Minimum requirements suggested

  • SSD Storage with 8GB RAM
  • Intel Core i3, AMD Ryzen 3000 processor
  • ARM64 or x64 architecture
  • 16GB RAM
  • Storage of Hard Disc Drives

KakaoTalk for Pc Is Now Available on iTunes

Adult Ranking Download Developer Rating Score Current Version

Kakao Corporation 5477 3.33102 10.3.6 4+

KakaoTalk for Pc features

  • Messaging on all networks
  •  Unlimited number of buddies in group chats
  •  An unread count function that allows you to see who has viewed your messages.
  •  Start a chat to meet new people with similar interests.
  •  Voice and video calls, as well as voice filters
  •  Being able to multitask when on voice and video calls
  •  Personalize your profile with photos, videos, stickers, music, and more.
  •  Sticker sets for added enjoyment Emotion PLUS allows you to send as many stickers as you desire.
  •  Calendar for viewing events and anniversaries in several chatrooms
  •  Assist Jordy in reminding you of forthcoming activities and managing schedules.
  •  Live Talk, which allows for real-time live chat and live streaming.
  •  Check out the Kakao Channel for special coupons and offers from your favorite brands.
  •  Share your location, among other things.


  • It has a sizable user base.
  • It allows for group text messaging.
  • It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.
  • For verification, a phone number is used.
  • It is available in 15 different languages.


  • You are unable to contact a non-kakaotalk user.
  • Without encryption, there is no privacy.
  • There are only a few emoticons available.
  • Only a few people outside of Korea have access to it.

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